Hollywood is not a newsroom

By Rick Tulsky on October 18, 2014
Joseph Pulitzer’s newsroom wall bore a sign that cried: “Accuracy, Accuracy, Accuracy!” That would not be a sign you’d find at Fox or Columbia or Warner Brothers. Gary Webb was a dogged reporter. But journalists always have to be mindful of not overstating what they find, and making sure the conclusions we write are supported…. View Article

Is hot-and-sour soup worth your credibility?

By Rick Tulsky on October 14, 2014
Note to Dr. Nancy Snyderman: Some times we have to suppress our food cravings. For those who missed this story, NBC’s chief medical correspondent and her crew were given a voluntary 21-day quarantine upon returning from  West Africa when a free-lance cameraman in the crew contracted ebola. Then last week, a hyperlocal news site, Planet… View Article

Filtering the truth? Or lies?

By Rick Tulsky on October 7, 2014
We see a common thread here: a) “We want to have a way to connect directly with our fans, with no filter.” b) “We are all going online. We trust the fifth estate more than the conventional mainstream media.” c) “Are you tired of the media filters? Well, I am. I always have been. So,… View Article

Is Apple Pie Next?

By Christian Holub on September 24, 2014
First we have a great American icon — the National Football League! — subject to all kinds of examination over its treatment of women and the danger it poses to its participants. Domestic abuse, child abuse, concussions and, now, the discovery that the cheerleaders aren’t even paid minimum wages. Now another icon is exposed: The… View Article

Which reporters are welcome?

By Rick Tulsky on September 17, 2014
We were struck, reading Jim Romenesko’s blog today, by what Illinois Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Bruce Rauner and Walmart have a common: A misguided idea to decide which reporters cover events. On the one hand, there is Rauner, who decided that a class of Columbia College journalism students would not be welcome at his press conference…. View Article