Is journalism in vain? We sure hope not

By Rick Tulsky on August 28, 2014
Of everything we’ve read in the wake of Jim Foley’s horrible murder, nothing troubled us like this piece in The New Republic which poses this simple question: << Why risk it all to get the facts for people who increasingly seem only to seek out the information they want and brand the stories and facts… View Article


By Christian Holub on August 26, 2014
Context is important in journalism. When quoting a source, it’s important to remember the original context which the quote was uttered. And when a story starts going viral for all the wrong reasons, like the New York Times’ Sunday profile of Michael Brown did, context is important there too. Of special interest is the third… View Article

When Sources Go South

By Rick Tulsky on August 25, 2014
Barbara Laker and Wendy Ruderman are two respected reporters who won a Pulitzer two years ago at the Philadelphia Daily News for their work exposing corruption by members of a Philadelphia narcotics squad. But the officers never were charged over allegations that they had framed defendants and stolen drugs, and that one officer on the… View Article

This ain’t beanbag

By Rick Tulsky on August 22, 2014
One of the horrors of ISIS’ video of the final minutes of journalist James Foley was the warning that he is not the only journalist in danger. The group warns that it has journalist Steven Sotloff as well, and that his life in is danger. Ben Taub’s account in The Daily Beast of the situation on… View Article

And at the other extreme…

By Rick Tulsky on August 14, 2014
Okay, so we’re appalled when officials try to suppress news, as is happening in Ferguson. But there’s a corollary obligation by the media: Be responsible with the news you learn. Irresponsibility, to our mind, only invites officials to be leery of revealing what should be public information. Let’s turn, first, to the Robin Williams suicide…. View Article