Is Apple Pie Next?

By Christian Holub on September 24, 2014
First we have a great American icon — the National Football League! — subject to all kinds of examination over its treatment of women and the danger it poses to its participants. Domestic abuse, child abuse, concussions and, now, the discovery that the cheerleaders aren’t even paid minimum wages. Now another icon is exposed: The… View Article

Which reporters are welcome?

By Rick Tulsky on September 17, 2014
We were struck, reading Jim Romenesko’s blog today, by what Illinois Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Bruce Rauner and Walmart have a common: A misguided idea to decide which reporters cover events. On the one hand, there is Rauner, who decided that a class of Columbia College journalism students would not be welcome at his press conference…. View Article

Get down on our knees and pray

By Rick Tulsky on September 9, 2014
What do a woman who claimed she was the victim of sex trafficking, a football player who claimed he got hurt in a heroic rescue, and man’s motorcycle trek to the Vietnam War memorial all have in common? All involved sources who duped reporters by inventing, or at least grossly embellishing, reality. Jani Actman’s podcast… View Article

Lessons from Ferguson

By Anthony Settipani on September 3, 2014
The days of protest in Ferguson, Missouri, have left us mulling the press and its role in covering unrest. After all, it’s the 50th anniversary of the days when Freedom Riders rode into the segregated south, and the violence — and injustices — that were broadcast across the country helped propel laws to end segregation… View Article

Is journalism in vain? We sure hope not

By Rick Tulsky on August 28, 2014
Of everything we’ve read in the wake of Jim Foley’s horrible murder, nothing troubled us like this piece in The New Republic which poses this simple question: << Why risk it all to get the facts for people who increasingly seem only to seek out the information they want and brand the stories and facts… View Article