Tired of “media filters”??

By Rick Tulsky on July 29, 2014
We were struck by Sarah Palin creating her own media channel (just $99 a year!) because she is “tired of media filters.” To our mind, journalists are filters — the best ones help identify what matters, and what does not. And in fact do reporting — going out and digging through records, talking to people,… View Article

Wait. I’m not the one who needs a new kidney…

By Rick Tulsky on June 30, 2014
One of the hallmarks of great stories is that they’re not only chock filled with great information, but they are written with pacing and respect for language that help the readers along. And in pieces that can’t be told briefly, it becomes especially important to not cram too much information quickly, and to sprinkle little… View Article
This is a disease that hurts all of us. First we had the Catholic Church dumping dead babies into a septic tank (Washington Times). Only there’s no real evidence of that. Then we had a KFC worker telling a girl scarred by a pit bull attack to leave the restaurant, because her disfiguration was bothering… View Article

Justice delayed, but kudos to journalists

By Rick Tulsky on June 25, 2014
It was way back in 2001 that Steve Mills, Maurice Possley and Ken Armstrong wrote about the evidence they gathered that challenged the murder conviction of Daniel Taylor. Even though Taylor was in jail at the time of the incident, a jury convicted him based on the confession that he and several others gave. Taylor… View Article