Our vote: Responsible journalism, appropriately paid

By Rick Tulsky on June 1, 2014

Like many, we’ve been intrigued by the snarky dispute between Gawker and Vice, which began last week with Gawker writing how many Vice employees are underpaid, and ramped up when Vice respondedWe know nothing of the details, but offer two relevant points: 

1. Attack journalism based on anonymous quotes, especially from former employees who may have an axe to grind, is inherently less reliable.
2. If the response to paying editorial people less than $30,000 to live in NYC is: “it’s competitive,” well, that’s a bad answer. Journalism is hard work, and is best done by skilled, responsible and dedicated people. And while we applaud parental leave and life insurance, vacation pay and a summer Friday’s program, none of that should come instead of a decent starting salary. At Vice, or anywhere else.
(Just for the record, Medill Watchdog interns are paid for their services.)

— Rick Tulsky